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Rebecca Versolato

Psychoanalyst & Counsellor 

Therapy Sessions



Through the free association of ideas, we will explore the patterns you repeat in your life, the relationships you built, and the choices you have done. Crucial and defining information about yourself will be shown in new forms and it is a beautiful thing to give a new meaning to the relationships you live today. We will build trust and confidence in a partnership throughout this journey in a safe and non-judgemental space. I gather to my work broader concepts of psychoanalysis from Freudian theories to contemporary thinkers like Winnicott, Lacan, Klein and Ferenczi.   




Couples are welcome at my practice as I always believe if there is the will to come together, there is the desire to have a possible good outcome, no matter what the future of the marriage will be. I work with my psychoanalytic background but I bring key elements from EFT couples as well as the Gottman Method but also influenced by relationship expert thinkers like Esther Perel.  A lot of the couple's projections and idealizations towards each other will be discussed and reviewed. Some couples require a few sessions for certain new agreements and to have some new commitments to be made, other may require reviewing themselves in deeper functional level, even individually. 




I work with a wide range of techniques with teenagers to help them deal with behaviour changes, developmental blockages and the understanding of the relationships they have and the ones they will develop. Working with teenagers is always a  constellation of possibilities and paths to take, and we work within their diverse range of topics, including expectations about future, family independence, autonomy, and the confidence to take the necessary risks. Sometimes it is a few sessions for a self-esteem boost, and in other cases a longer work is required, by supporting their struggles, helping families and the communication between the family members.



Arrival in Asia

This package helps families to arrive in Singapore and deal with the difficult and unknown phases of adapting children, change of roles, expectations and frustrations within the new reality, limitations of language and cultural barriers, etc. It will be a work focused on implementing a new routine, identifying the new needs of this new family who was just formed when in a new country. A safe place to discuss family matters, responsibilities, roles in order to promote a healthier and smoother transition into Asia.

“We might not able to change the world but we are able to change who we are in the world. And this change of perspective feels the same as changing the world entirely.”

Why Psychoanalysis

I am a psychoanalyst from Brazil and although started my journey through Freud & Lacan, today I gather broader concepts from contemporary thinkers like Winnicott, Ferenczi, Lew Aron, Steve Mitchell and Joyce Slochower. In Couples Counselling, I added studies from winnicotian perspective, Gottman Method, Sue Johnson's EFT for couples and I take part on the professional body technique review from Esther Perel, sessions. My compromise is to always be learning and to be updated among the recent theories and modalities, filtering what is serious and what is relevant to a deeper construction with my patients. What works with one, might not suit others.

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Besides my clinical practice, i like to work sharing my vision in  conferences and talks around the globe. In 2019 I was a speaker in Tel Aviv Conference from the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, and in 2020 I was a guest speaker at the XXI International Forum of Psychoanalysis in Lisbon. I have been also invited to take part in the  IPA SouthEastAsia Conference in Sydney.

 The reasons for going to analysis are diverse but require patients' will to reflect on their upbringing and in current life episodes, establishing relationships always intriguing. More than any therapy, psychoanalysis is not a temporary tool for relief but it is indeed a deep investigation of one's unconscious processes and drives toward life conducted by the patient himself. 



family and marriages



& fears


Identity, ego and Self Esteem


Depressive states



Meaning & Significance

I felt so comfortable talking to her about my biggest fears. We could understand them until a point where I could laugh about them! it help me to see things differently

M., american man, college student, 19

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